Sexy Formula

No Filter

It's no secret that the beauty of our formula lies in the ingredients. As advocates for quality skincare, we are honest and confident about what goes in our product so that you are assured what goes onto your skin (and because we use it too). Our formulas use only the finest ingredients together with high performance bio-complex cosmetology to deliver all the nutrients that will give you instant and long-lasting sexy skin. We choose ingredients that directly benefit your skin while supporting the integrity of our formula. By incorporating the best of science and nature into beauty, we want to make your skin look and feel sexy instantly and over time.


The good stuff 

Our star ingredients make your skin look amazing instantly and over time. Click to find out how they benefit your skin.  


Our Promise

We produce in small batches in certified GMP manufacturing facilities to maintain freshness of the product that arrives to you. Our formulas meet international standards and are safe and effective. What we put in is as important as what we leave out, so these are absent from our formula:

NO toxins and carcinogens


NO parabens

NO paraffin

NO silicones

NO petrochemicals

NO artificial colours

NO synthetic fragrances

NO animal testing